Anthony Rudd

Funeral and Memorial Services

I play for funeral and memorial services in churches and crematorium/cemetery chapels for both Christian and Humanist services.

Advice and help is given to funeral directors and/or families if needed on the choice of suitable hymns and accompanying music. I have a very large repertoire of appropriate and well-known music and it is nearly always possible to find and play special requests.

I am able to accompany a choir or soloist who may be performing at the service and if necessary rehearse with them beforehand.

Where there is no suitable instrument I can bring my own high quality organ or piano.

It is a great privilege to be able to provide the music at times such as these.

.... ''the music was lovely and such an important part of the service - very sensitive playing which was much appreciated'' ... .... '' many thanks for your help with the choice of music and your beautiful playing throughout the ceremony ...'' .... '' my father would have loved the organ and choir pieces ... the Solemn Melody worked to perfection and Handel's Largo was played so beautifully..'' .... '' everyone I spoke to said how well the organ had sounded, how they had enjoyed the music and how it had encouraged them to sing with confidence''

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